A downloadable soundtrack

Nitro-Music Rumble #10

Title: "Band's Eleventh Lie"

Link: Yup, Soundcloud again!

Description: "Inspired by BANDs, 'Inazuma ELEVEN', and 'your LIE in April'. Can you guess the origin of the name? ;). I am personally really pleased with the result! It was my first real time using guitars, a brass section, and a solid drum rhythm. A solid finish to the lovely Nitro-Music Rumble Jams!"

Nitro-Music Rumble #9

Title: "A few floors down"

Link: Fine, here you go.

Description: "God, this took a while... and still sucks ;). It was fun to use jazzy chords, wacky rhythms, and simple repetitive melodies. I feel like I can do a better job starting over."

Nitro-Music Rumble #8

Title: "Black Happiness"

Link: Yes, to my Soundcloud!

Description: "I thought this would be either too hard or boring - it ended up spicing my creativity quite a bit! I like it. A soft, calm song using only harp and flute."

Nitro-Music Rumble #7

Title: "Spectre Sprint [Demo]"

Link: Again, NOPE! This is a demo in the sense that I am not entirely satisfied with it.

Description: "I have made plenty of time sig changes already, and I tried combining some here. The sound is a bit lacking though, but I am not entirely sure how to 'finish' it, so I'll upload it like this!
The concept was based on a ghost-house theme from e.g. Mario Kart. Now, it doesn't sound like that at all, I know, but I just wanted a tad bit of spook combined with a fast pace..."

Nitro-Music Rumble #6

Title: "Shake Is Up 2, Intro"

Link: NOP! The song isn't even finished, and I don't upload unfinished music. You can download the .mp3 though.

Description: "This is a song that will appear in a game (for fun, not professional) I am working on. For once, I played the song myself! You see mom, I CAN play piano! It was a hassle to get working though - keyboard to midi to sound is harder than you think. (And I wanted the instrument to be a Celesta... too bad.)"

Nitro-Music Rumble #5

Title: "Space Oddysey"

Link: Soundcloud

Description: "The forced 'delay' made me try new things, and I'm really glad how it turned out! I won't win anything with this, but I am developing my own skills and that is important as is."

The sheet music (pdf) is provided, as I want to stimulate people to share their works. It helps me learn and improve!


Nitro-10: Band's Eleventh Lie.mp3 1 MB
Nitro-10: Band's Eleventh Lie.pdf 106 kB
Nitro-9: A Few Floors Down.mp3 997 kB
Nitro-9: A Few Floors Down.pdf 256 kB
Nitro-8: Black Happiness.mp3 790 kB
Nitro-8: Black Happiness.pdf 65 kB
Nitro-7: Spectre Sprint [Demo].mp3 1 MB
Nitro-7: Spectre Sprint [Demo].pdf 88 kB
Nitro-6: ShakeIsUp2-Intro.mp3 724 kB
Nitro-6: ShakeIsUp2-Intro.pdf 54 kB
Nitro-5: Space Oddysey.mp3 1 MB
Nitro-5: Space Oddysey.pdf 71 kB

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